Friday, August 14, 2009

Our little man

So we took Simon to Irvine Park this week and really splurged and let him do every activity possible. The horses were by far his favorite. These pictures don't really do him justice but the look on his face was classic. He was so proud and happy it was precious.
Of course the Train was a hit with him and he was amazed every time the whistle blew...and he wore his conductor hat. He actually got this hat at H&M last week when we were shopping. Jeff was over in the men's area looking for shorts (which he did not find) and I decided to take Simon over to the kid section so I could look for clothes for him and Sam (which I did not find) and I turned around and he was literally wearing this hat. I have no idea which display he got it from...but he picked one that fit so I just took off the price tag and let him wear it out.

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jasmine said...

simon is one of the cutest little boys i've ever seen. i'm sure sam will be just as cute, of course! i can't believe it's already time! it seems like you jussst said you were pregnant. madness! congratulations. i hope he comes out soon!