Wednesday, October 8, 2008

San Diego

So I totally don't have time right now to post my pictures from our trip to Sea World (because yes I'm posting this from work). But I will leave you with this one treasure:

Jeff Turns 30

So Jeff turned 30 on September 11th.
Although he seemed a little meloncholy about it I was more than a little jealous. I seriously can't wait for my 30s. Anyone who was married young or even worse divorced young may understand me. When I tell you that I've been married before saying "Oh wow! You're so young!" is by no means a compliment. It's an insult. So, I look forward to being in my thirties so that when I say that people will just look at me and be like "oh yah, well that happens." because really...I dont' need commentary on the age I was when I got married...I obviously know better than anyone how that turned out. haha I just ranted. sorry.
Anway we had just a mellow gathering at our house. Kathy and I found a wheelchair that has now become a staple of our outdoor sitting area, and which is actually incredibly comfortable. Sorry to the old man who can no longer use it.
We also this month rekindled the joy of Santiago Oaks Park. I'm not a fan of big parks with lots of people and yelling and what not...and you know KIDS. Just kidding. But anyway I really enjoy being out in nature and enjoying what our world would have looked like before concrete and construction. So a couple weeks ago we took a nice hike, and can't wait to go on more once it cools down a little.