Friday, October 23, 2009

Samuel Fulbright Mayfield

Okay it’s been two months and I’m finally ready to relive my birth experience to share here on my blog. Mostly I don’t ever come on the computer…and as great as the iPhone is…I am still waiting for a free blogging app that would make this much easier on me. Because when it comes down to it I’m too lazy to wait for Safari to load.
So after being ten days late anyone that was in contact with me could tell you the raging bitch I had become. I think Sam was trying his hardest to stay in there because he was terrified of meeting his mom face to face. I had gotten to the point where I was completely exasperated and given up hope of ever having this baby…and then Shadlie convinced me to go see an acupuncturist. Actually her actual text was “Afterward you should go home take a nice warm bath have a glass of wine while jeff puts Simon to bed then have some sex with extra semen and then stick some primrose oil up there and go to sleep.” I hope I’m not in trouble for posting that for the world to see…but it made me laugh in an otherwise bleek world.
So let me finally get to the part about me pushing out this cute kid…
I went and saw Anna Dolopo (best lady ever!) and she filled me full of needles. While I was laying there full of needles Sam was beating me up internally. I went home and despite Shadlie’s advice I fell right asleep. I woke up at around 2 in the morning and thought I was in labor. Then again, I thought I was in labor every night for three weeks prior, so I tried my hardest to just go back to sleep. About 2:30 I realized I was actually in labor and was unable to stay asleep. I told Jeff (who was aware of my false labor every single night for three weeks) and he responding with “that’s great babe” right before he rolled over with his back to me and went back to sleep. At about 4:00 in the morning I was going pretty strong so decided to get into the bath to relax. At that point I see Jeff come in all bright eyed as he blurted out “Oh wow, you are REALLY in labor!” At about 4:45 we finally called my mom to come over to the house to watch Simon. It was escalating so much faster than it had with Simon and I realized I should probably go to the hospital soon.
Let’s go 9 months back when the doctors prepare you for having a baby at the hospital…they give you a step by step instruction of what to do when you go into labor. So being the good learner I am, we called the exchange just like the paper said and told them I was in labor and ready to go to the hospital. They told me they would page the doctor (I know my doctor was on vacation…perfect timing!) and that the on call doctor would call me back ASAP. Well he did…and although I won’t get into details…I was very comfortable yelling profanities at him due to demeanor. He literally asked me why I was calling and waking him up…at that point he found out he would come nowhere near me or my baby! Thankfully shift change was at 7 in the morning and I knew I wouldn’t be pushing this baby by then.
By the time we got into the hospital room and got me all set up it was rounding 6:30. Unlike with Simon I actually decided to have an epidural (long story which I may explain in a post another time). However because it was shift change it was taking them an extra long time to get it to me. With Simon I knew for certain I was not going to have an epidural so I was very strong willed and able to live through the pain…but this time I knew pain relief was in sight so had no strength to hold out. It was seriously like a knocked up moment where I wanted to bite everyone’s head off until they were able to stick me with that needle. As delirious as this may sound (which I know it does) every time I had a contraction I would picture myself being a dead cat (Seriously ask Jeff I would arch my back and my neck so my head was nearly touching my back).
Shadlie showed up at 7:00 which was a total relief. She was able to let Jeff go get some food as she sat with me and comforted me. Honestly even with the epidural (which was absolute and perfect heaven) it was really nice having someone sitting by your side that knows all the pain and the emotions that you are going through. Shadlie is the perfect person for me because I love her so much and she isn’t afraid to yell at me and tell me when I’m being a baby (although she never did this because she’s so kind and gracious). So she sat with me while I waiting and was pumped full of warm fuzzys.
The remainder of the afternoon may be too full of gory details so I will try to be brief. When the doctor came into my room to break my water apparently very little water came out. The nurse asked me how big Simon was (6lbs 1oz) to which she replied “well this one is going to be a lot bigger.” I kind of brushed off the comment because everyone is always telling you things about your baby that are complete bull that I really could care less. The doctor then left the room to deliver a baby down the hall. Shadlie was monitoring our signs and noticed Sam’s heart-rate dropped so went out to inform the doctor and nurse. He came back and set up. He had me start pushing even without contractions which was slightly freaky only because anything that seems like a sense of urgency when in regards to your children is always terrifying. When he told Shadlie to stop video taping my heart really sank. However at 12:56 we welcomed into the world Samuel Fulbright Mayfield. The nurse was more than right when his weight ended up being 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long.
Honestly because it was such a relaxing experience I had so much energy to love on him that day and welcome the million visitors who came to share their excitement.
So I should just shut up because if you’ve read this far you must be pretty darn bored with your day.
Anyway here are a couple pictures of my beautiful boy.