Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lauren and Bobby Graduate

So after going to sleep at 4:30, we woke up at 8:30 in order to get home in time for Lauren and Bobby’s graduation party! I am seriously so full of taco adobe right now I have skipped dinner and am walking around half asleep.

I’m mostly very excited about the graduation because selfishly this leaves Mondays and Wednesday much more available to see Lauren. Haha I sound like a huge weirdo…but it’s true. Tomorrow is Katie’s graduation party…quite the party weekend!

Anyway…I suck and I didn’t have my camera for the party so you won’t see pictures of us…but I will resort to my default photo subject: my cute little man.
Here he is playing outside (these are going to be bribery photos someday), and also getting caught climbing on what will soon be our new kitchen!

Andy's Birthday

This year for Andy’s birthday we went up to an amazing (seriously amazing) house up in Ojai and celebrated. Although we only could stay one night, it was great…and much to my surprise and definitely to Jeff’s surprise I was able to keep up with everyone until 4:30 in the morning. The last time I have stayed up that late was when I had Simon…and before that I can’t even remember.

Jeff actually got in the water (which was impressive due to the temp) and I sat on the deck eating a cookie pizza and strawberries all afternoon.

Jeff brought up his game which has now been named “The Viking Game” thank you very much Pat. For once I didn’t totally suck…but maybe that’s just because I was probably the only one not enjoying drinks!
The evening was filled with dancing, hot tubs, and drum circles...I kid you not.
So as you see most of my spa experience was spent above water...and the spa decided to punish me when I did decide to warm up by going under...and this is evident by the gigantic bruise that now resides on my rear. As I dipped down my now rather large butt got stuck in the filter and I seriously have what Jeff likes to refer to as my "shark bite." Oh...and no...that's not a g-string swimsuit on me in reverse...I'm just large.
Oh...and if you don't believe me on the drum is your proof:

Happy Mother's Day!

So Jeff has been working like a mad-man on his thesis this month, so I have literally not seen him at all. He has been going to bed at 3 in the morning and waking up at 6 every day trying to get his paper done. Basically our family had consisted of a single mother, a sleep deprived father, and a teething baby. So this Mother’s Day Jeff took the day off and spent it with us! Which was the best gift I could have ever gotten right now. As if that weren’t even both of my boys (Simon and Sam) got me the cutest jackets ever. They both fit me right now in my current state…but that didn’t keep me from running over to Lauren’s house to see a non pregnant lady try them on...I am excited for August...or actually next winter to be sporting them!

For my mom my sister and I took her out to Islands (sounds cheesy...but it was perfect for us haha). Simon joined the girlfest and I think he seems to like it. I seriously have the best mom in the world, so I never feel like we can do enough to show her how great she has been!

Jeff's family came over to our house for pizza to celebrate Mother's Day with his family. Simon seriously loves Jeff's grandma!
In other April news Jeff’s dad came out to visit for a day!

Simon seriously loves his Grandpa Griz and I’m sure you can tell by the pictures!

The Mayfield men took Simon out to dinner…and as you can tell by this picture I definitely wasn’t there! Haha Simon really enjoys his dipping experience.

Here are a couple other photos of Simon from the month of April…he’s becoming such a real boy it’s freaking me out!


Simon hasn’t quite grasped the idea of Easter Egg hunts or the whole Christ rising from the dead part of Easter…but he sure did enjoy himself.

We woke up in the morning and let him open his Easter Basket in our bed (mostly because I was exhausted and wanted a little extra time to lay). He then proceeded to color, draw outside with his sidewalk chalk, and put stickers on everything before we got him ready for church.

This was our first Easter at our new church Southlands, and we really enjoyed ourselves. After church we headed over to my Grandparent’s house for brunch. I think he realizes how much attention he gets over there and how he can get away with murder…so he just ran around enjoying himself. He also got a couple more Easter baskets just to ensure he understands how completely spoiled he is.

We had a little self timer fun to get a picture of my adorable family with my grandparents…I think Simon was pretty confused.

After our afternoon nap we went and enjoyed tacos over at Jeff’s family’s house. Stephanie’s mom was there and made seriously the best rice you have ever eaten. Simon once again got to run around and enjoy the attention he gets whenever he is around our extended family!

Catching up - My Birthday

So for my birthday I worked. Woo hoo a ton of fun haha

After work we gathered at Zito’s for pizza and friends.
I really am not a fan of birthday parties in my honor, so this was nice and mellow which I totally appreciated and enjoyed.

Thank you to everyone that came!

Getting Caught up - St Thomas

So I know I need to get caught up and I will start with our vacation a couple months ago. haha We went to St Thomas and honestly did absolutly nothing but relax. It was amazing and just what we needed. I was absolutly terrified for the plane ride..but Jeff really took a huge burden off me and watched Simon...and Simon did a lot of ipod watching. On the way there he actually had his own tv which made it super easy and he just played games and watched movies...however on the way home was s different story. Not only did he not have a personal tv...we couldn't see the shared one either. It was kind of a nightmare. Plus we were stuck in the middle of the row which meant getting up and walking him around was a nightmare as everyone decided sleeping was a good option. I really don't like flying American and that's the end of that.
(Oh...and I can't figure out how to get rid of the I'm bad)

Enough complaining...although I think that's probably the only thing I could possibly complain about for this trip. It was an amazing trip and it was so fun to let Simon explore the beaches and relax. Although a lot of people were worried for us taking him, it ended up to be so nice. We would go to the beach and just at the same time I got sick of being there he would need to go back to the hotel for a nap. So it just ensured our own comfort level having him around...and watching him play in the water...forget about it. It makes me into that mom that can't stop talking about her kids.

We stayed on St Thomas but spent half of our time over on St John which we really liked. It was much much less populated so it was a little slower paced (although I'm not sure how much slower it could possibly get). But that being said we did eat on St Thomas the same place. When we went on our honeymoon we discovered Ital food which is the best thing in the entire world. So we did a little research and found a place called Rootsie's...which is honestly the best food you could ever ask for. Simon took a liking to Rootsie and he even learned how to give knuckles and eat with a fork. A very educational experience overall :)