Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andy's Birthday

This year for Andy’s birthday we went up to an amazing (seriously amazing) house up in Ojai and celebrated. Although we only could stay one night, it was great…and much to my surprise and definitely to Jeff’s surprise I was able to keep up with everyone until 4:30 in the morning. The last time I have stayed up that late was when I had Simon…and before that I can’t even remember.

Jeff actually got in the water (which was impressive due to the temp) and I sat on the deck eating a cookie pizza and strawberries all afternoon.

Jeff brought up his game which has now been named “The Viking Game” thank you very much Pat. For once I didn’t totally suck…but maybe that’s just because I was probably the only one not enjoying drinks!
The evening was filled with dancing, hot tubs, and drum circles...I kid you not.
So as you see most of my spa experience was spent above water...and the spa decided to punish me when I did decide to warm up by going under...and this is evident by the gigantic bruise that now resides on my rear. As I dipped down my now rather large butt got stuck in the filter and I seriously have what Jeff likes to refer to as my "shark bite." Oh...and no...that's not a g-string swimsuit on me in reverse...I'm just large.
Oh...and if you don't believe me on the drum is your proof:


jasmine said...

oh my Lord!!! you're pregnant again!! and SO cute in that bikini!

jasmine said...