Thursday, August 28, 2008

Simon's August

So this month has been one of my favorites with Simon. He is truly growing so fast and learning so much. It's so precious to see him explore, and I've learned that I'm the much more lienent parent! I do indeed give him pine needles to play with until Jeff doth protest. haha oh well. He discovered mud the other day which was way too fun:

So after our bath we played with dad through the glass, and then figured out how to play tug of war with Grover...which is now a nightly ritual

So this Sunday Jeff spent the day getting our bikes ready for our first bike ride with Simon. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. The helmet was his arch enemy until we started moving, and then he seemed to forget about it. We packed a dinner and went and ate in the circle...

Round 2

So I swear I really am going to start trying to get better at this and be a more active "blogger." I think I let so much time go between doing posts that I totally dont' know where to start. So I will try to start posting once a week to ensure I have my topics covered!

We had an amazing summer with our little booshi and can barely believe he's going to be one soon! The big arguement in our home is what the theme of his birthday party will be, and I think we are settling on the Southern Huck Finn theme. But we will see if that is still the case next week. Ralph made this photo for we may just make an entire party around this picture:

So I will give you a brief view of our summer through photos (I'm totally going to forget so much, but oh well)

May - We actually took our first over-night experience with Simon, and although the first night sleep wasn't something he really enjoyed, it got much better the second night (mostly because Jeff's parents were there and watched him for us!).

We went to Santa Barbara to go to a wedding of two of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Oh...and Jeff officiated the wedding. So if you are in need of marriage...he can preform services for you.

So prior to our trip Suzanne's friends (and now ours too - we stole them) came out from Nashville and stayed in the back house. They are like our college aged children and we miss them dearly. Shannon is going to be our southern consultant for Simon's birthday party...Okay now on to June!
Jeff finished work and got 5 weeks off which was amazing (for him...for me I got a huge jealousy complex - if that's even a complex?). The first week of his vacation we went up to Hume Lake with my family. So here is that:

We went paintballing for father's day...

Overall the week was amazing and Simon had so much fun it is ridiculous. We already have the cabin booked for next summer!

July -

We had our first camping trip which was fun and dirty. The Teranishi's and Hanson's joined us in big bear and we enjoyed some paddle boats, hikes, and dust.
Here is Simon and his bff Miles, and the girl he adores emma....(shadlie please do not notice how dirty your walker is...I cleaned it!)