Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally living up to my word!

So last night I was at Jenna's and she asked me about my blog. I instantly felt a tinge of guilt for being a huge liar regarding my blog. Michelle...I am finally going to do it! I have honestly avoided coming on because I knew I would feel the need to write my 7 (or it may be less when I'm done) random things about myself. So as promised, and then I will continue writing as normal here they are:
1. I honestly can not believe there are 7 things about myself that everyone doesn't already know, or that I find insanely mundane and boring. Not to sound self-deprocating because being the know it all that I am I am pretty confident and secure with myself...I just feel like an open book so don't really know where to start.
2. My Jewish roots have given me an intense joy in setting people up on dates. I have mellowed out...but if you ask Jeff's brother he will disagree on that last statement.
3. I long to be creative in so many ways, but my joy in creativity lies solely in appreciating it.
4. I really want to be a 1950's housewife that cooks amazing meals, gossips with her neighbors, makes her own clothes, and raises perfect children.
5. I voted for Obama out of fear of my husband's wrath...and also most of my friends. Honestly I think he is an amazing man I truly do, and I do agree that he will be a great leader and he has the best of our country in his mind...but I am a small government kind of person. I believe in local and state's rights...not giving everything to the federal government. So basically this is typical of a Republican...but Republicans have decided to believe in foreign war and the patriot act instead of remembering what their party is supposed to stand for. So there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to vote for another term of that! I really wanted to do a write in for Ron Paul...but unfortunately my convictions of being a good wife came above those of my patriotism. haha. I don't actually believe that is unfortunate at all. I love Jeff!
6. I think that I have the potential to be a great cook and I really do love cooking meals, but I am too lazy and cheap to actually put time into it. I hate cleaning dishes more than life itself (about half as bad as putting away laundry...please refer to number 4 and why it can never actually come to fruition). Plus I am so cheap to have my kitchen (which although huge has no storage space) well stocked is way too expensive for someone as tight as me.
7. Totally random but I'm trying to find random things by looking around my room...I have two amazing dogs that live with me, and then two amazing dogs that their dad has full custody of. haha I sound like a crazy dog person. But I raised two of the best boxers you have ever met and I love them so much and am so sad never to see them because they live in Texas. pshhh.

Okay that is about as much random babbling of this list.
I will post some pictures and real blogs soon!