Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So Jeff's mom got us Disneyland passes for our birthdays, and we finally got to partake!
We went last Friday night with the Hansons. It was so nice to finally get to hang out with them again, and of course push through obnixious crowds at disneyland!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So although I did plan on writing every week, I've resigned to every other week since I really get at a loss of what to write about unless I have pictures to accompany my entry. Last Thursday night I got a phone call around 5 from Jeff telling me, "Oh, I think you may need to cancel your plans tonight because I won't be able to watch Simon...I think I'm going to start my Master's degree." haha oh Jeff. Although classes had started the week before he was able to get the class he wanted and start right away. It amazes me because I am so far from being spontaneous that the fact that he thrives off of this stuff is insane to me.
So that being said, Simon and I have had some quality time together this month so far! Today is actually Jeff's 30th birthday. Happy 9/11 Jeff! He is playing a show at the if you're around you should go. I unfortunately will not get to see him at all on this monumental day. I think he prefers to have his quarter life crisis sans wife.
So after flaking on her Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I finally got to hang out with Lacy on Saturday night...and now instead of discussing heartbreak and English class our conversation strays more towards baby (and okay a little bit of heartbreak reminiscence). Well she told me the joy of frozen fruit. So Lacy...I have you to thank for this amazing site:

Yes it honestly looks like he ate raw meat... So that was pretty much an amazing evening.

We have also found a renewed joy in riding bikes. It's been so nice to be able to ride around together again and have Simon absolutely love it. and yes...please note his new top two teeth. So here is a random night at the circle enjoying a picnic dinner:I know people would normally have pictures like this and say "I love summer" but guess what? I hate summer...I love fall! That's the best hang out weather by far! haha